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Welcome to Lakes Pediatric Dentistry, the pediatric dental office for all kids.

Our mission is simple: to help take care of all the small smiles, and to help children and teens (and their parents!) learn how to take care of their oral health in a safe, fun, and encouraging environment.

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Dr. Farooq, pediatric dentistry in Commerce, Michigan

Dr. Naila Farooq

Dr. Naila Farooq provides full-service dentistry and quality care to children and youths in a warm and welcoming office environment. In her practice, she emphasizes comprehensive evaluations and recommends early intervention as the best method for preventing more serious dental health issues. Dr. Naila Farooq manages the daily operations of the clinic and maintains a strong commitment to making herself available to all her patients, including night and weekend availability for emergencies. ... read more

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Lakes Pediatric Dentistry in Commerce, Michigan

Help Your Child Develop Good Oral Habits

By Lakes Pediatric Dentistry

Parenting can sometimes feel like a never-ending uphill battle, especially when you are trying to guide young developing minds to become self-sufficient little humans who … read more


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